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News post / November 8, 2013

Using WordPress to create a professional website

Every day, the way we do business and sell ourselves changes, whether it’s as a business or as individuals. Because of this, there’s more need for the building of websites, which can be problematic when not everyone is experienced in coding. For many, the idea of constructing a website for their business or services is a daunting prospect thanks to that lack of experience as well as the considerations of […]


News post / November 1, 2013

Hackers beware: Securing your WordPress site

WordPress is a popular choice when it comes to building websites, especially if you don’t have the skills or the funds to build up a site from scratch. As a Content Managing System, or CMS, WordPress has rocketed in popularity over the years and as a result has been made prone to potential attacks. WordPress sites and blogs are at risk of being compromised due to outdated plugins and core […]


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