2023’s biggest web design trends

February 24, 2023

A visually appealing and functional website can help grow your business and improve your brand presence. One in two users believes to create content with a single-minded focus on attracting the search engines to create content with a single-minded focus on attracting the search engine that web design is crucial to a brand’s success.

That’s why brands should focus on building websites that meet user expectations and shape their brand identity.

However, web design is not only about graphics and visuals. It’s important to build a website that incorporates the latest web design trends.

Here are some of the biggest web design trends to look forward to in 2023.

Experimental navigation

This is all about subverting the traditional patterns: the all-caps navigation at the top of the screen.

With experimental navigations, the focus is on creative navigation styles that generate visual interest while nudging the visitors to explore the website in a specific manner.

In 2023, web designers will look for ways to extend a website’s unique branding to its navigation.

People over search engine bots for SEO

SEO is important when you want to improve your online presence and drive traffic via organic search results.

Many content marketers seek to create content with a single-minded focus on attracting the search engine spiders while forgetting their target audience.

However, this approach can hurt your search engine rankings.

Google’s recently launched guide to ranking systems places emphasis on creating people-first content that is unique, informative, useful and relevant to the search query.

Structured typography

More and more websites are leveraging structured typography for their home pages: all capital letters, solid and strong shapes.

Pandemic-era consumers prefer stability and structure, and structured typography ticks all the right boxes in that context.

Structured typography informs visitors what to look at.


Layering animations, images, shapes, colours and other elements helps add texture and depth to a website that does not have a lot of text.

This is a great way to tell your brand’s story and make your website interactive.

Inclusive design

An inclusive web design considers every visitor’s background, perspective, experiences and characters including gender, age, race, sexuality, ethnicity, culture, language, religion, etc.

Inclusive web design is a trend you can’t ignore in 2023.

Your site should be carefully designed with UX writing. What’s more, it must be accessible while providing flexibility to visitors so they can customise their experience to suit their needs. This can include helping them choose the text size, giving them the option to choose between light and dark mode and opting for keyboard access, etc.

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