A Guide to Twitter for Businesses

January 20, 2022

Twitter has become the perfect place to find out quickly what is happening in the world right now, whether you’re interested in politics, celebrities or sports, most people have a twitter account.

Most people think that Twitter is just a newsfeed but it can be used for much more than that when it comes to your business. It is great for B2B buyers and B2C consumers with helpful advice or giving content that is seen as an interest to them. You can even use this platform to interact with your customers and to build your brand.

Common Misconceptions

  • Followers aren’t your only success metric, you can get more out of Twitter through the way you interact with your community, and building relationships with your followers.
  • Tweets don’t need to just be text related, some of the most successful tweets are using photos, videos and gifs. Sometimes the best thing for you to do is make your followers laugh so they feel a closer relationship to you.

 How to Benefit from Using Twitter

  • Discover Trends – Some people don’t use Twitter to post, they sometimes just use this social media to discover what’s happening around you. Twitter is a great place to keep up to date with news, trends and interests.
  • Managing your Brand – Twitter can be used to manage your brands reputation. With Twitter you find customers will voice their opinions to others, this is why you can keep track on what people are saying about you. You can also use this as a place to message back and try to resolve any complaints.
  • Increase Awareness – Twitter is a great place to put your content out there as it is an easy place for people to find it.
  • Provide Customer Service – This platform offers a great way to interact with your customers. Customers will tweet you directly for questions which you would be able to answer and provide them with quick, brilliant customer service.
  • Research your Competition – Most brands have a presence on Twitter, therefore it’s a great way to see what they are doing, and how they are creating brand awareness on Twitter.

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