A Look Back at this Year’s Websites

December 20, 2021

2021 has flown by for many people and 2022 is just around the corner, so we wanted to look at some of the websites that we created that we are most proud of.

This year has been a great chance for growth, trying out new & exciting ideas and also helping businesses follow current trends, helping them not fall behind.

As a business we have worked together with many businesses, with not only their websites but also with their digital marketing – getting them higher in Google for keywords that suit their industry.

But let us get started on some of our favourite websites of 2021!

Metro Repro

Metro Repro are a company that provide users with quick high quality printing, and target both a range of companies and students! They needed a website that was easy to navigate and shows the users all the different services that they offer! We believe that we gave them just that and with a sleek & fresh design.

Vape Korner

Vape Korner offer a huge variety of vaping equipment and liquids across the UK, the target  audience for their website was anyone who was into vaping – which means we had to make it accessible for a range of different types of customer! Vape Korner also needed a website that was capable of handling their stock of hundreds of different e-liquids. With there being such a high competition on vaping websites, we wanted to create something that would stand out, look professional and look like they’ve been in the industry for years.

Your Locker

Your Locker have been working closely with our team for a couple years now, and this year we worked on giving them a fresh new look. Your Locked provide companies and schools with an easy and stress free way of personalising work wear and other clothing items. We wanted to showcase the different industries Your Locker supply to, and the different products they offer.

CBFM Heating

CBFM Heating specialise in plumbing, electrical, heating & air conditioning, and have a focus on new boilers and servicing. We wanted to give the company a website that would make them look professional and welcoming to any new users, we wanted them to give the user an impression that this is a company they can trust.

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