Another 5 SEO Tips

April 6, 2011

So, you have read the first post ‘Basic SEO tips to consider’? Considered and applied all 5 tips? Well you are at the right place.

Here are another 5 SEO tips to improve your search rankings further.

1. Have you complete image alt attributes accurately?

It is important not to neglect image alt attributes. Image alt attributes must be meet W3C standards. Having no alt attributes for images is better than including inaccurate ones. Search engines may take alt attributes into consideration when determining the relevance of the page to keywords a user searches.

2. Is page content regularly updated?

Does your website have a blog? Consider placing extracts of your latest post on each page of your website to ensure content is fresh (to avoid duplicate issues, don’t show full posts). Keeping content updated will ensure your site appears active to search engines as well as increase crawling frequency.

3. Have you used unique Meta data for each page?

Page titles, descriptions and keywords should all be unique. Web designers may duplicate the index page to adapt for content pages and forget to change the Meta data. This results in several pages with the original Meta information. It is important each page must have its own individual Meta data as this helps search engines understand the structure of the website.

4. Have you used headings appropriately?

Use heading tags in you page content, heading tags provide search engines with information on the structure of the HTML document. Search engines often place higher value on heading tags in comparison to other text on the web page. <h1> tag is used for the main topic of the page. <h2> – <h6> indicate the hierarchy of content and divide sections of content. It isn’t recommended to use multiple <h1> tags on the same page as this could dilute your key topic.

5. Have you followed W3C standards?

Clean code makes the site easier for search engines to index and could be a reflection of how well your website is constructed.

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