Basic Email Design Tips

March 22, 2011

Having discovering the benefits of email design in our earlier post your probably asking the question: How do you create a well-designed HTML email?

The starting point of creating a successful email design is crafting an appealing subject line. Although this isn’t a design aspect, most users decide whether or not to open an email on this aspect alone, it is important you master this to ensure you engage users to read on.

Having mastered your short, informative subject line its time to consider how your email will appear in a preview pane. It is very important the top of your email is highly informative, as this is what will be displayed in the preview pane. This will prevent user interest being lost before viewing your email in full.

Image blocking is another factor to consider. Most major clients disable images, which can affect the desired design. The main things to ensure is: your email retains readability when image are disabled and is low in weight for users accessing emails on mobile devices. A text-version is a must to ensure mobile device users can view the email as some are not HTML enabled.

Finally, a prominent un-subscribe link is important. Do not hide your un-subscribe link behind the design, you must allow users to leave if they wish, making it as easy as possible for them.

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