Getting Your Business On The Right Social Network

June 16, 2014

An online presence is a fundamental aspect to running a business in the modern day. If you’re not able to be found on social networks then you might as well not exist to many people. Presence on a social network site not only gives you an avenue to advertise your company’s products and services but also allows you to take in feedback and build relationships with customers.

With many social networks out there though the trick is identifying which to focus on, different social networks have different types of users and enagmentment.


With nearly a billion users Facebook is top dog for social networks. It allows business to create “Pages” that you can post content to, receive reviews and even create competitions through the use of “apps”. Facebook also offers a competent and flexible advertising system allowing you to promote your Page or individual posts. While your posts can be seen by many users Facebook has been reducing the amount of content from Pages that appear in users News Feed. Having a million fans for your page doesn’t mean each posts will get seen by a million users.


The 140 character micro-blogging platform. Twitter is limited by the character count and works best as a way for lead people to a fuller page on your site. Twitter lends itself to a conversational type engagement, allowing customers to get in touch with businesses. If you’re on twitter be prepared to be responding quickly to customer queries and events going on.


A sort of cross breed between Twitter and Facebook. Google+ has the bonus of tying in directly with the largest search engine on the net, though the unfortunate status of having much fewer active users than Twitter and Facebook. Google+ is useful for targeting specific Circles of users, rather than a scattershot approach you can tailor your marketing message to specific people.


LinkedIn is aimed at businesses, if you deal with B2B relationships then LinkedIn is a great place to promote yourself and acquire new clients. If you’re into to “networking” then LinkedIn is for you, leverage existing clients and contacts to build new networks and opportunities. It can also be used to find new employees, many listings are posted to the site, should be looking to expand.

Pintrest & Instagram

Slightly different services but both with a core built around picture content. If you’re a visual business, producing design works, craft items, sumptuous looking food, then having an account on either of these services would be a great idea. A picture tells a thousand words, far in excess of Twitters limit, and there’s an engaged market of people looking for great images and ideas to inspire them.


Quite intensive but can pay off royally. Good to combine with other networks, youtube is a great place to show off more about your business. Create videos showing off your business and services, give “how-to” and “FAQs” or make video blogs. The only major drawback for Youtube is it’s both time and equipment intensive, and tweet can take a few seconds but a well made video could take many hours.

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