Common Email Design Questions

March 16, 2011

There are many common questions that our clients ask when we design email campaigns. The following is a collection of some best practices for email design.

How long should an email be? Think about how many emails you get everyday and think about how competitive it must be for those emails to get their message across with our short attention spans and more ruthless users. An email design needs to be as short as possible and get its message across as quick and clearly as possible.

But I need to get all this information in this email… We understand that sending out individual emails for separate messages isn’t practical but think about whether you can give users a teaser of your information and encourage them to click and view the full information on your website thus keeping the email size down.

What sort of open rate should I be expecting? Although the exact answer is ‘How long is a piece of string?’, general research and study shows that the number is between 20%-40% of your subscriber list. But these figures range between different industries so don’t get too hung on these stats.

From these how many click through? Again it is difficult to say exactly but again figure point towards between 2% and 15%. While this might not sound a lot, for the relative cost of the email campaign 1 or 2 users completing the task at hand may cover the cost.

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