Don’t neglect your sites accessibility

October 28, 2013

It is thought in many circles that by 2014, Internet access via a fixed desktop PC will no longer be the norm – instead, mobile browsing will take precedence. But is your website accessible to handheld devices? After all, more and more of us are walking down the street with such devices and reaching for them when we need to Google something. It’s certainly an old-fashioned person these days who waits until they get home to check the Internet on their desktop PC.

Even having a separate website for mobile devices is looking a touch passé by now. Instead, the emphasis is on responsive web design. This refers to the process by which users are ensured of an ‘optimal viewing experience’ while browsing online, irrespective of the device that they use. It involves websites remoulding to become more visually attractive in accordance with the size of the screen, and the process can be so seamless these days that you’ve probably been on a responsive site without even being aware of it.

Responsive websites instantly adapt to the device that is being used, thanks to flexible frameworks supported by CSS queries and re-sizeable images. It means that as soon as you visit such a website, it is displayed to its maximum potential, with the same content being shown as on a desktop, but in a manner that is easier to read and navigate. Responsive web design has only been around for three years, yet it is becoming frequently requested by website owners.

It isn’t going away, either. In fact, it’ll be a bigger priority than ever in 2013, with the continual release of new technology only making handheld devices even more important to web designers. The situation is simple: your business website simply has to look great when viewed on a phone or tablet, as well as a on desktop monitor, meaning that you ignore responsive web design at your peril.

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