What types of email campaign are there?

March 9, 2011

Sending an email campaign is not as simple as sending a message asking your clients very nicely to buy some more stuff from your store. There are many different types of email marketing to consider.

The first and most regular is the announcement email. These are usually created especially for a special event or limited time offer and should be short and to the point so that the user gets the message very loud and very clear.

‘Press Release’ emails inform members of your industry or your clients about the latest goings-on in your company. Sometimes these are for public relation reasons and sometimes they are purely for brand awareness.

‘Product or Service’ emails usually showcase new products or services that you want to encourage users to view or purchase. This might take the form of a scaled-down version of your usual website display as to breed familiarity.

The softly, softly approach of this (i.e. not going for the jugular regarding sales) is to encourage users to complete an introductory process in the hope of it leading to sales in the future. For example, this would be encouraging your users to sign up for a specific newsletter or just to register with your website to get all the latest features.

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