Why get email design?

March 1, 2011

Our first in the series about email design covers the absolute basic question: why should you consider email design and what are the major benefits over other types of advertising?

First of all the main advantage is speed. What other type of marketing campaign allows you to click on it’s advert or main messages and get straight to purchasing a product or signing-up for a service. The speed in which users can get to your product is one of emails major benefits.

It is also a fast method of completing an email marketing campaign. Rather than getting printing, distributing and waiting, email marketing allows clients to set-up campaigns in the space of a day and lets them duplicate already completed campaigns.

Email also has the distinct advantage of providing statistics about all kinds of things. Imagine being able to see exactly how many people saw your advert, and even more, how many people went further and wanted more information. Again, email marketing can do this.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for some clients, is the price. The price of email design and the cost of delivery is significantly cheaper than most other forms of marketing.

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