Email Marketing Strategies you Should be Using

May 24, 2022

As much as people might not think it, email marketing is still a vital marketing strategy for any business looking to raise brand awareness or customer engagement. Our team have come together to think of several different marketing strategies that you should be using to help increase your brand awareness!

  1. Welcome your New Subscribers

A great way to start your interaction with a new subscriber is to welcome them! This means you are able to share your brand story, show your best products and even offer a welcome discount.

Welcoming your new subscribers doesn’t need to be done over one email, you can do a welcome series which are between 2-3 different emails.

  • First email: thanking the subscriber while welcoming them to your brand and letting them know what they can expect.
  • Second email: promote your social media channels, show off your best products and why someone should purchase from you.
  1. Clear Call to Action

A call to action in an email can be a prompt given to your customer in the form of a button or a hyperlink to achieve a specific goal. This could be getting them to book a service, viewing a video, or buying your newest product.

  1. Automate your Emails

Automated emails can be an invaluable tool. One of the most popular ways to use automated emails is your welcome emails, customer cart abandonment and re-engagement campaigns.

  1. Dynamic Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment emails can be a profitable opportunity. You just need to figure out what works best, try sending an email one hour after, one day after and then three days after to see which works best for you. You can also try offering discounts on their basket, and create an email subject line that makes your customer want to open their email.

  1. Offer Rewards to Loyal Subscribers

To make your life easier, you can use segmentation to have only your longest subscribers or even those that spend the most money! By offering them exclusive offers, you are providing them with a special experience that makes them feel valued by your brand.

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