Essential Tips for Measuring Black Friday Success on your Website

November 27, 2020

Black Friday is nearly upon us, and especially in the current climate, it is a great opportunity for ecommerce businesses to make some money back. By now everyone who owns a website understands the importance of digital marketing, and its ability to find out statistics and what you’re doing right on your website.

 We have come together to think of some essential tips for measuring your website on Black Friday.

 Make sure your Google Analytics is correct

  • This is something that should be working correctly anyways, but it is best to make sure that everything is the way it should be before the big day. You should already have Google Analytics set up, but if not, definitely look into setting on up!

It is such an important tool that can change the way you do your digital marketing, that is why it is so important to take time to ensure your insights are accurate. Here are some key points to take a look at:

  • Are your pages consistently tracking views?
  • Are your reported leads accurate?
  • Are external payment gateway domains added to your referral exclusion list?

 Trackable URLs

  • To maximise the amount of people who see your Black Friday offers, you will want to promote it on many different websites. One easy and useful tip, is using a trackable URL in your promotions. This means you will be able to see how many people click on the link, where/when they clicked on it, and whether it was on social media or email etc.

 Discount Codes

  • A great way to track your Black Friday sales is through the use of discount codes, this is something your customer will expect from Black Friday and will be something they are used to using.

You can look into giving customers different codes for different channels, like Facebook or email. This way you can track where they gained the code from, or even give it to customers that have used your store before.

Just make sure to keep track of your codes, and test them on your website to make sure they work during checkout.

 Why do we do this?

It is essential to monitor your campaigns to make sure you aren’t missing out on revenue or potential customers. Also, if you can see your sales increase you will know that what you are doing is correct, or what you could improve on!

 If you need any help with your marketing not just on Black Friday weekend, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, as we would be happy to help with all queries!

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