Everything You Need to Know About Local SEO

September 2, 2021

Jumping straight into SEO can be a daunting aspect and sometimes you can feel like you are getting nowhere with your chosen keywords. But don’t worry, that is where local SEO comes in.

What is local SEO?

Local search engine optimisation isn’t all about what you do online, it also focused on what you do offline. Basically, it’s all about making it easier for people in your local community to find your business.

When done properly you can convince search engines that your business should be visible in their results, when people are searching for what you offer in the place you offer it.

But how do you know if you need to do local SEO?

Well, if your business gets customers mostly who live nearby, then your business could profit from targeting those people. If you want to be seen by customers who live in a specific geographic area, then local SEO will help you become visible online to these people.

How does it work?

Local SEO doesn’t just focus on the keywords, there is many other factors that help Google get the information for the user. Google gathers the information about local businesses from a variety of sources:

  • Google My Business listings
  • Your company’s website
  • Directories that list your website
  • Information from the public, like reviews, photos and other feedback

What are the benefits?

Straight away one of the benefits is that your customers will be able to find you online easily, and of course increase your profitability. Here are just some of the other benefits you can expect from local SEO:

  • Sales
  • Repeat sales
  • Rankings
  • Foot traffic
  • Website traffic
  • Interaction with customers through texts, calls and messages
  • Email subscriptions
  • Brand awareness
  • Word of mouth

Of course, this all depends on how much time, money and effort you put into achieving these results. Local SEO isn’t something that will change overnight, it takes time to put into making yourself noticed.

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