Google Analytics Tools You Must Use

June 13, 2018

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for anyone who owns their own website, with the ability to check how many people have visited your website and how they have gotten there.

There are even plenty of tools to make our jobs that bit easier, the tools that will be mentioned should help with the debugging of Google Analytics implementations & bring improvements to interpreting data and reporting.

Google Tag Assistant

This tool is a great starting point to assess if tracking codes have been installed correctly on pages & websites. It tells you which Google Analytics codes and Google Tag Manager containers are used on your website, as it flags any errors and even makes recommendations to improve implementation.
It even has other functionality, like the ability to record a session as you go through your website, as if you were a customer. After you’ve finished you’ll be presented with a report which tells you what tags have appeared on that page – basically making it easier to debug implementations. You’ll also be able to see if a tag hasn’t appeared, or if there is anything wrong with your codes, allowing you to diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

Google Analytics Debugger

This tool works in conjunction with built-in Google developer tools. Once it’s enabled the debugger sends data to your developer tools, letting you see what information has been sent to Google Analytics via the JavaScript console.
It lets you see everything from events and tracking ID’s, to eCommerce data, all extracted from one report. These messages can include error messages and warnings, telling you when your analytics tracking code is set up incorrectly.


This tool is used for anti-tracking and advert blocking features, detecting tracking technologies and giving you the option to block them out. Even though as marketers we don’t suggest doing this, there is one key benefit that can help – the ability to stop recording your data with Google Analytics.
It is best practice to filter out your companies IP addresses from Google Analytics to make sure that the data is not affected by internal traffic.

URL Builder

This is a tool great for marketers launching and tracking campaigns, it allows you to easily add campaign parameters to URLs, meaning you can track custom campaigns in Google Analytics.
Since there are instances where custom campaigns can be tracked without custom parameters, meaning you lose visibility in Google Analytics. URL Builder helps avoid this issue whilst giving you control & flexibility with the data you’re looking to measure.





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