Growth In Mobile Browsing

March 30, 2016


Everybody knows that mobile phones are taking over computers in how we use the Internet in our day to day lives. Right now, around 80% of the world’s population own a mobile phone, meaning that most people have the use of the Internet everywhere they go. With more and more people turning to smart phones, companies need to be to adapt their website to make sure they’re staying up to date.

Smartphones aren’t just used for accessing browsers, but for checking email, using social media, reading books, watching TV, and even more. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that mobile devices have become such a big part of our everyday lives.

Many businesses are creating applications to make sure they provide more of an interactive experience for their users. Development of bespoke apps can cost a small fortune with very little instant return; so the good news here is they’re not essential to reach your audience. Ensuring that your website is adapting to meet Google’s responsiveness requirements is enough for the vast majority of organisations.

Mobile Phones Have Now Surpassed Desktops

The number of people who only use mobiles has now surpassed the number using desktop only. 51% people use mostly mobile whereas just 42% use a desktop primarily, showing that smart phones are now the main access point to the Internet for the majority. This is because when using a smart phone a consumer can get the same results they would if they were using a computer – and people value convenience over most things.

Online Shopping

Shopping online has become the best way of making sure that a customer can find what they’re looking for without needing to leave the house.

4 out of 5 consumers who shop online actually use their phones to do so, meaning that the switch to mobile-responsive design has made even more popular among businesses who rely on online custom.

Making sure that your website is mobile friendly isn’t everything – you also need to make sure that it can be navigated with ease. 57% of people won’t recommend a website that can’t be viewed on a mobile, so you need to ensure that customers can enjoy an experience worth telling other people about!

Here at Blue Shark Design, we offer services that will help adapt your website to suit future changes. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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