How to Optimise Your Website Footer for a Better User Experience

August 23, 2023

When it comes to creating a seamless and engaging user experience (UX) for your website visitors, every element matters, including the often overlooked footer. A well-designed footer can enhance navigation, provide important information, and even boost conversions. In this article, we’ll explore the key strategies for optimizing your website footer to ensure a better UX, with a special nod to Blue Shark Design, a leading web design agency in Newcastle.

  1. Prioritize Clear Navigation:

Your website footer serves as a secondary navigation menu, allowing users to find essential links without scrolling back to the top. Include concise and relevant links to important pages like About Us, Contact, Services, and Blog. Blue Shark Design, a renowned web design agency in Newcastle, excels in creating footers that maintain consistent navigation structures, ensuring users can easily find their way around the website.

  1. Contact Information and Calls to Action:

The footer is an ideal spot to display your contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and a link to your contact page. Additionally, strategically placed calls to action (CTAs) can lead to higher user engagement. Blue Shark Design often emphasizes the importance of clear CTAs in the footer, guiding visitors towards desired actions and enhancing the user journey.

  1. Social Media Integration:

Incorporate social media icons in your footer to encourage users to connect with your brand on various platforms. Blue Shark Design’s expertise in web design in Newcastle extends to integrating social media elements seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive brand presence throughout the website.

  1. Copyright and Legal Information:

While copyright information might seem trivial, it adds credibility and professionalism to your website. Include the copyright year and the company name, which can be updated automatically. If your business operates in a regulated industry, you can also provide links to your terms of use, privacy policy, and other legal documents.

  1. Responsive Design:

With the rise of mobile browsing, responsive design is paramount. Blue Shark Design’s proficiency in web design in Newcastle emphasizes the importance of ensuring that your footer looks and functions well on all screen sizes. A clutter-free and organized footer contributes to a positive mobile user experience.

  1. Newsletter Signup:

The footer is an excellent location for a newsletter signup form. Offer visitors the option to subscribe to your updates, promotions, and newsletters. Blue Shark Design often suggests designing visually appealing signup forms that match the overall aesthetics of the website while ensuring ease of use.

  1. Featured Content:

Promote your most valuable or popular content in the footer. This could include recent blog posts, featured products, or client testimonials. Blue Shark Design’s approach to web design in Newcastle involves strategically showcasing content that encourages further exploration and engagement.

  1. Visual Harmony:

Maintain visual consistency between the header, body, and footer of your website. Consistent colour schemes, typography, and branding elements create a cohesive user experience. Blue Shark Design’s expertise lies in creating harmonious web designs that align with the brand’s identity and resonate with the audience.

  1. Performance Considerations:

While enhancing the user experience is crucial, remember that an overloaded footer can slow down your website’s performance. Optimize images, scripts, and other elements within the footer to ensure a smooth loading experience for all users.

  1. Feedback and Accessibility:

Include a feedback link in your footer, inviting users to provide suggestions or report issues. Furthermore, prioritize accessibility by ensuring that footer links are properly labelled and that contrast is sufficient for readability. Blue Shark Design’s commitment to inclusive web design in Newcastle extends to making websites accessible to all users.

In conclusion, your website footer is more than just a place for obligatory information; it’s a valuable component of the user experience. By following these optimization strategies, inspired in part by Blue Shark Design’s expertise in web design in Newcastle, you can create a footer that enhances navigation, engagement, and conversions while providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for your visitors.

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