Imitation is the highest form of flattery

October 21, 2013

Blufin Media

They do say imitation is the highest form of flattery and we’re currently rather flattered. If you were to be looking for a website design company in Tyne & Wear you might come across Blue Shark Design or you might come across Blufin Media.

We wouldn’t blame you for confusing the two, but make no mistake that one of them is blufin’ about their design skills. It is more an amusement than an annoyance to find a fellow web design company so shamelessly be “inspired” by our design and “Blue Shark” name. It is in fact with a touch of pride that out of all the design agencies in Newcastle we were chosen by Blufin Media.

It’s quite obvious that a heavy amount of content has been pulled from our website, right down to Mark’s bio:

Mark has nearly 20 years of experience of print and graphic design as well as running and overseeing all of blueshark designs operations. He is an avid film buff and is still waiting for a worthy sequel to the original Star Wars Trilogy.

Compared with:

Stephen has nearly 25 years of experience with the Service Sector and is self taught within the website, print and graphic design industry as well as running and overseeing all of blufins operations. He is an avid film buff and member of the Reserve Services, however he is still waiting for a worthy prequel to the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Closer inspection shows the underlying technology to be slightly different however. Our website is built using WordPress as a CMS, allowing flexibility in changing or adding new content, whereas Blufin Media site is slightly more static in nature.

Blueshark Design 2012

It is always a good idea to look further into the work of a company you’ve chosen to design the website. If the agency you’ve chosen to create your website can’t even create their own site without ripping off another’s, then where is the design for your site going to come from? As you can see it’s inevitable that duplicate sites will be discovered and called out.

Here at Blue Shark Design we pride our creative vision, blending over twelve years of experience with the clients wants and needs to create bespoke websites that are complimented, award winning, and ,as can be seen clearly, inspirational.


*Image of our site here is courtesy of Wayback Machine

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