Large Photo Backgrounds – 2013 Web Trends –

January 21, 2013

Hey guys and girls,

We are back with another trend to look out for in 2013, (we are aware that towards the back end of 2012 this was beginning to take off and you may have already seen it but we feel you will begin to see it a lot more in 2013) large photo backgrounds.

Now we understand that large photo backgrounds can lead to long load times and lag on certain internet connections (if they aren’t used in the right way) but we feel that with the increasing broadband speed that it should not pose an issue. We recently used this trend on a website for the Indian Buffet Restaurant Aneesa’s ( and it worked really well.

With large photo backgrounds you are able to showcase your products or services in actual situe so the customer gets a first hand example of how the product may look and feel or how the service will be carried out and to what standard! It really is a fantastic way to engage your customers with your product and convert them into returning customers.

Now there is a small issue of design overlay because you are designing on-top of an image which includes many colours so your choice of colour palette needs to compliment your already existing logo and branding (this is important because you want your logo/identity to shine through the image and be remembered).

Once you have the colours nailed then the design becomes a lot easier to work with and things seem to fall into place. We also believe that with this trend will come an increase in, not only the use of but also the demand for stock images from sites such as istock and shutterstock. Great news for photographers and photography fans, we believe this one may be around for a while because if the right picture is chosen then it really does work.

Until Next Time

Blue Shark Team

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