Lets Live Here SEO Progress

May 10, 2012

Letslivehere Letting Agency are a long term client of ours who we’ve been dealing with for many years, doing both their design work and more recently taking over their SEO.

Letslivehere are one of Newcastle’s leading letting agents, with a reputation for professional service combined with a personal touch, and are one of the top letting agencies in Newcastle.

As you can see from the list below in terms of SEO they are top for that as well. Below is a list of their most recent rankings for the key terms we’ve been working with on a monthly basis for them:

Student letting Newcastle 1st
Student lettings Newcastle 1st
Student letting agency Newcastle 1st
Student renting Newcastle 2nd
Professional letting Newcastle 2nd
Professional lettings Newcastle 2nd
Student lets Newcastle 2nd
Student properties Newcastle 3rd

Below is a list of rankings showing where they were sitting in late February, early March.

Student letting Newcastle 10th
Student lettings Newcastle 11th
Student letting agency Newcastle 8th
Student renting Newcastle 14th
Professional letting Newcastle 14th
Professional lettings Newcastle 16th
Student lets Newcastle 12th
Student properties Newcastle 12th

We work very hard to keep Letslivehere top in Google and we will continue to do this so they continue strive to success and out perform their competitors.

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