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July 15, 2015

For many people working on the go has become more of a reality as smartphones free us from desktops for many activities. However alongside browsing mobile optimised sites on the web and managing our mail we can manage much of our online side of the business using our smartphones too with the large array of apps available.

For Your Website


With several million websites built using WordPress as a CMS, including many of ours, the WordPress app is an invaluable way to upload a new blog post while on the go. Just fill our your sites details, your login information and away you go. While it’s a pretty well designed app it does struggle for any bespoke features added, including WooCommerce

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Google Analytics

If you’re a data fiend you can use the Google Analytics app to check on your websites traffic any time it takes your fancy. Similar to the WordPress app you won’t have the full range of features the desktop site offers, but you can get enough of an overview, keep an eye on real time traffic and any alerts you may have set up.

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Social Media


Hootsuite is a great app for managing your social profiles with powerful tools like scheduling, so you can easily spend some downtime to produce a string of tweets, and have them scheduled to go out at optimum times. Buffer is a similar app, and somewhat cleaner interface, however doesn’t have other tools like replies, messages and timeline expected with most social media apps.

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Facebook Pages Manager

A Facebook Page is a great thing for any business to have. It’s a great way to connect with fans of your service/product, and being able to access it on the go lets you keep them up to date on the go, upload photos directly from your phone, and send and receive messages. As with the above you can also schedule your updates to go out at a later time.

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Google My Business

Similar to the Pages Manager, the My Business app lets you mange your business listings on Google; post updates, update company information and opening times. For a quick overview it’s a great tool, though one you’re unlikely to use frequently.

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If This Then That is a pretty neat tool for automating social networks and more. Set it up to automatically tweet about a new blog post, share posts from Facebook onto Twitter, send out emails based on special rules and more. It’s a pretty versatile tool that builds recipes based on it’s name sake of “If This Then That”.

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