Marketing Automation: What is it?

July 11, 2018

What is Marketing Automation?

It describes software or platforms that automate content, interactions and campaigns, this is to streamline marketing and to save time and money in the long run. These platforms have stemmed from a software that simply automated sending emails, but have now evolved into more complex systems.


Even though the features available will differ between products, marketing automation platforms provide functionality across a number of areas, like:

Lead Capture – acquiring & managing the information you have gained on your prospects, including identifying their online behaviour, their social profiles, buyer personas and direct capture using forms. Marketing automation can be integrated with CRM systems, so you can cross reference against pre-existing data and to allow you to be able to manage data.

Content and Campaign Creation – using marketing automation can create content as diverse as emails, blog posts, landing pages, surveys and polls, as well as devising campaigns that bring several of these forms of content together.

Campaign Execution – this is the ability to send email campaigns, calendaring, social sharing and campaign management. If you personalise your campaigns, it can further enhance them. Dynamic online content can be generated, and can be tailored according to past factors.

Lead Management – automation systems can even profile leads, identify and quality them through lead nurturing, lead scoring and lead allocation. By integrating with a CRM package, it bridges the gap between sales and marketing so that leads can be qualified before being handed over to sales.

Reporting and Analytics –  not only can they deliver sophisticated marketing intelligence that report on the returns of a campaign, but can also inform future strategic decision making within a business. They also provide analysis and measurement of campaigns, alongside lead profiling, often with a real time view.

By using marketing automation software, it can greatly enhance a business’s approach to marketing, helping streamline its processes and facilitating demand generation, lead capture and prospect nurturing.

In recent times, companies haven’t just used their websites, they’ve used multiple platforms and social presences, which make it easier to manage and easier to publish. It’s simple, faster and cheaper to attract & engage with prospects using marketing automation.

To talk about marketing automation, and how it can be beneficial to your company or your current digital marketing campaign, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team.

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