Top (Recent) 5 Web Redesigns

January 26, 2011

Style is no different to the web than it is to the Fashion, Marketing and Television industries and that’s why every couple of years your company could benefit from a facelift or a website redesign.

Web redesigns don’t always have the correct effect. In November 2010, Myspace’s new launch has yet to make up the deficit lost to Facebook over the years due to it’s terrible loading speed and heavy restriction on what was arguably the most important feature of Myspace; the ability to skin and design your own profile.

So here are our favourite 5 recent website redesigns:

1. BBC News –

No doubt about BBC News (it won the .Net Awards 2010 redesign of the year as well!). Nice to use, great looking and just hoping now that the BBC Sport site gets a makeover!

2. White House –

Stunning, authoritative, and a great example of how politics and technology can work together to effectively get its message across.

3. Google –

A tighter layout and the introduction of Google Instant means hours saved of millions of peoples lives searching for information and practically if not visually, a great website redesign!

4. Man City FC –

One of our favourites in the office, the introduction of billions to make Man City a force in the Premier League didn’t just stop on the pitch. The site looks great and compared to the dinosaur sites of other teams makes Man City seem light years ahead.

5. Let’s Live Here –

There’s nothing like a bit of self promotion, so heres ours. Constantly changing and evolving, the Letslivehere website has been updated with a much improved menu system and an easier-to-use search function.

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