Re-Designing a Website without Losing your Search Engine Rankings

July 11, 2018

Now when you create a new website or redesign a current one, you have to take into consideration their search engine optimisation, as it is such an important aspect to any website.

And in recent times, clients who have websites already, simply want to update it, improve it or add more features, because online & internet trends are constantly changing and evolving, meaning so should their websites.

But there is one question that is always on our clients mind – ‘will this affect my rankings on Google?’

It is understandable to worry about your website’s ranking even if it is an old website. But it shouldn’t be a concern as with prior planning any new website should rank at least as well as the existing site, and in most cases it can even perform better.

There are a few things that your Google rankings will depend on:

  • Whether your website supplies users with what they are looking for
  • How well your website is structured
  • User experience
  • Your website code
  • Domain age
  • The websites that link back to your website
  • Regular updates
  • Quality of text & content
  • Is your website mobile friendly?
  • Social media

There are a few things that you can do to make sure a new website doesn’t damage your SEO, just like:

  • File Names – Where possible try to keep the filenames the same, not including the file extension. This means that any incoming links to existing web pages will be automatically passed through to the new web pages.
  • Content – If content is working for your website you can keep it, even though it is good practice to update your unique content.
  • Redirect Pages – If there are pages that aren’t included in your new website, they should definitely be 301-redirected to the new relevant pages. That way you won’t lose users who still manage to find those retired (404-error) pages.
  • Responsive – All new websites built should be fully responsive and mobile-friendly, which is something Google looks for when moving websites up their search rankings.
  • Testing – Make sure to fully test manually, even though there are now automated tools.
  • Post Checks – Once the new website is launched, keeping a watchful eye on your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts is incredibly important, to make sure everything is running the way it should be.

A new website will not only look better but will also work better in the search engines, and give you improved results.

If you’re considering improving or updating your current website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team who would be happy to help with your query.

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