Self Store Newcastle SEO Progress

March 14, 2012

Self Store Newcastle are one of our newest clients in terms of SEO. Just a week old.

To put it simply they are a storage company based in Newcastle, hence the title.

We firstly added several key terms into the on-page of the site and then began work.

Below are where they were just one week ago:

Self store newcastle 10th
Storage rooms newcastle 15th
newcastle storage rooms Not showing
self storage newcastle Not showing
Storage newcastle Not showing

So evidently we can see that for 3 of those key terms they weren’t even listed in Google.

We did a weeks worth of SEO on it and look where it is now:

Self store newcastle 5th
Storage rooms newcastle 5th
newcastle storage rooms 6th
self storage newcastle 26th
Storage newcastle 36th

The positions after a week of SEO speak for themselves.

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