E-Commerce: Move your Business Online

August 4, 2014

If you’re looking to expand your business then you’ll find one of the greatest areas to move into is online. Suddenly you can go from the local footfall at your shop to appearing in front of millions of people around the UK and beyond for your store and products.

Getting online with your store is easier than ever. There’s a wide range of tools available for getting your business online, from a small bespoke vintage clothing site to a full blown chain store with multi-million turn over. Our go to recommendations at Blue Shark Design are WooCommerce and Magento, but there’s many more available. Woocommerce is a great tool that ties in with WordPress, which many website owners will be familiar with, that offers a simple set up for adding and managing a small range of products. For larger business Magento, created by eBay, offers a powerful way of managing your commerce online with thousands of products and millions of pounds in trade.

To encourage trade you’ll want to make sure you have a stunning design to capture the eyes of your visitors, drawing them to your products and converting them to a sale. A well built site will not only look stunning, showing of your products in all their glory, but also provide a great browsing experience for your visitors. Modern web users demand not only a speedy site, able to find what they’re wanting in an instant, but also expect to be able to do their online shopping regardless of device used. Making sure that your online store works across desktop & laptop as well as on tablets and phones is imperative any modern day site aiming for success.

An online store provides much more opportunities in drumming up traffic too, from social media, to pay-per-click, SEO, affiliate campaigns and beyond. The tools available can allow you to reach as broad or as niche a market as you wish, flexible pricing to grow as your store does. There’s plenty of ideas to play with in engaging and inspiring customers into your products.

Whether you’re a small store or a large chain an online store can help level the playing field, bring in new custom, and boost your business!

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