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September 1, 2010

As you may well know or not know just yet, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of putting your website in the best possible light for Google and the other search engines to rank you highly for certain key terms.

However, getting higher up the rankings needs a reciprocal relationship with your website provider.

This is because Google is getting ever more sophisticated and even has its own ‘moral system’ as it were. It likes websites that are useful, regularly updated and highly thought of.

This means that it is easy enough to provide tools to do this such as the functionality to update company news, use of twitter to help promote the businesses and other such tools. But the key is the client using these tools well and often otherwise the glass is only half full.

Think of it yourself. How many websites are on your regular list to check each time you visit the Internet? What is it that makes them so useful and informative? Well that’s what you need to do for your own website. You need to make it feel wanted.

And not just do it. But keep it regularly updated and of use to your users rather than an afterthought.

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