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News post / March 16, 2011

Common Email Design Questions

There are many common questions that our clients ask when we design email campaigns. The following is a collection of some best practices for email design. How long should an email be? Think about how many emails you get everyday and think about how competitive it must be for those emails to get their message across with our short attention spans and more ruthless users. An email design needs to […]


News post / March 9, 2011

What types of email campaign are there?

Sending an email campaign is not as simple as sending a message asking your clients very nicely to buy some more stuff from your store. There are many different types of email marketing to consider. The first and most regular is the announcement email. These are usually created especially for a special event or limited time offer and should be short and to the point so that the user gets […]


News post / March 1, 2011

Why get email design?

Our first in the series about email design covers the absolute basic question: why should you consider email design and what are the major benefits over other types of advertising? First of all the main advantage is speed. What other type of marketing campaign allows you to click on it’s advert or main messages and get straight to purchasing a product or signing-up for a service. The speed in which […]


News post / February 7, 2011

5 Original E-commerce Websites

There are plenty of e-commerce stores that have the same feel and function across the web. That isn’t always a bad thing for conventions but every now and then you need to set yourself apart from the competition. We’ve pulled together a set of 5 great original e-commerce designs from across the globe. The list is in no order. 5. Art Republic – A simple layout with a great […]


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