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News post / May 26, 2011

Adapting a Web Design into an Email Template

Typically an email design project will be associated with an existing brand, there is always a website design in place that you can work from. You want to make your email design feel like it is being sent from the companies website. In 2006 a survey showed that the biggest influence on whether emails were opened was trust that it is from a reliable sender. If the email user recognises […]


News post / March 22, 2011

Basic Email Design Tips

Having discovering the benefits of email design in our earlier post your probably asking the question: How do you create a well-designed HTML email? The starting point of creating a successful email design is crafting an appealing subject line. Although this isn’t a design aspect, most users decide whether or not to open an email on this aspect alone, it is important you master this to ensure you engage users […]


News post / March 1, 2011

Why get email design?

Our first in the series about email design covers the absolute basic question: why should you consider email design and what are the major benefits over other types of advertising? First of all the main advantage is speed. What other type of marketing campaign allows you to click on it’s advert or main messages and get straight to purchasing a product or signing-up for a service. The speed in which […]


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