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News post / November 6, 2010

Helvetica: Back in style?

Although we at Blue Shark Design have always been massive fans of Helvetica for it’s timeless lean style, it seems to have come back into favour for many of the large corporations and some of their recent redesigns. The Swiss typeface which has been around for over 50 years has been used by such brands as Panasonic, Gap, Orange, Hover, and Royal Bank of Scotland to name but a few. […]


News post / August 16, 2010

Why use Twitter and Facebook?

If you haven’t heard already, two of the biggest websites of recent times are the social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook. Whilst great for keeping in touch with loved ones and new friends, they are also great business tools for promotion. Although we help setup accounts for our clients, we encourage them to get actively involved in using them. With both tools, the trick is to add your friends, local […]


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