The dreaded IE6… Please upgrade!

September 6, 2010

For those who aren’t aware, Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) has been part of a long running hate-hate relationship with most of the worlds web developers.

Some developers and websites have even stopped supporting it completely. Future noteables include Google, Youtube and WordPress,

Why should you abandon IE6? Well to start with it is a 10 year old browser and the Internet has evolved dramatically since that time. There are new technologies, new security risks, new ways of browsing the web that Internet Explorer is simply not helping with.

IE6 also only runs on Windows XP. General support from Microsoft for both stopped in 2009 and official 100% no-more-support-ever is due in 2014.

And from our point-of-view; the developers. IE6 is an extra browser and a tricky browser for us to test and fix for. If there was no IE6 it would make our lives easier, meaning we could reduce costs on projects and spend more time and what matters on a website.

Upgrading is free and easy. Get the very latest Internet Explorer ( or even better the great Google Chrome (

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