The Importance of Re-Purposing your Content

April 10, 2019

Writing a blog post for a website can take a lot of time and effort! There is finding what you want to write about, planning how you’re going to structure it, and then actually writing it. But after all that, then what? After you’ve spent so much time writing it, isn’t it best to maximise that effort by simply re-purposing?

This doesn’t just apply to blogs or articles you have written, but tweets or Facebook posts also don’t have to be thrown away after you’ve written them. Having said that, even client feedback or testimonials can also be used for other things!

Here are a few ideas you could try:

  • Turn a previous blog post into some tweets or alternatively turn some tweets into a blog post
  • Create an e-book out of several articles
  • With facts and figures from a blog or presentation, make an infographic
  • Don’t just publish your article on your own website, publish it on LinkedIn or any other industry relevant platforms
  • From client testimonials, create a video to make it more engaging & interactive 
  • Email your customers or email list with snippets of your article, so it encourages them to click-through to your website and read it
  • Re-do an old article with a new point of view, and if it has statistics you can add and compare the new ones

 So why is doing this important?

  • It reinforces your message – by doing this you are able to reinforce what you think is important to your customers.
  • Opportunities for collaboration – you can try and get in touch with other experts in your industry, which can help increase your exposure and reach. Or just collaborate with your own colleagues, to help share the workload!
  • Boosts your SEO – by putting content on several different platforms, and creating good quality links, this should improve your search rankings.
  • Saving yourself time – creating blog posts can be the last thing on your mind, but by re-purposing content it allows you to work more efficiently.

Here at Blue Shark, we have a team of creative writers who can help you come up with ideas for adding new, fresh content to your website! Simply get in touch with us today and see how we can help you!

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