Thinking of Creating Your Own Business Website

July 23, 2013

Do You Have What it Takes to Design and Publish it Yourself?

There are plenty of online companies now offering you the chance to build your own website for next to nothing. They claim that it takes no more knowledge of the way html coding or CSS sheets work than simply being able to drag and drop your required content into a pre-made template, which is all well and good if that is what you want.

If you are happy to have your business represented by a generic website, whilst knowing that thousands of other customers have all chosen the same template and colour scheme that you have.

However if you want something that stands out from the crowd and offers you something unique then you are best off employing the services of a specialist in web design like Blue Shark Design.

Getting Started

It is important that you have some idea of the way that you want your website to look, and what kinds of features you want it to have before you go to a web design company. But if you haven’t this isn’t a problem as the team here at Blue Shark Design are always on hand to help with ideas and suggestions. If we have a clear idea of your requirements the more we will be able to do to help you. Your company website is a vital part of the business and can do a lot for your company providing that it has been designed well and functions correctly.

Think about it in terms of a visible presence and you could find that you have millions of visitors just waiting to walk through your virtual doors, but if there is nothing to tempt them when they get there they will click away rather than enter your site. When it comes to website design Blue Shark Design know exactly what will hook a customer when they land on your web page so that they are drawn in to exploring your site further.

Company Image

A well thought out, well structured and easy to navigate website gives a good overall impression of the way that your company works. A site that looks professional implies that the people behind it are professional too, so it is imperative that your logo and branding is prominently displayed on each page so that it stays fresh in the mind of visitors to your site even when they leave your website.

It is also very important your site is regularly updated with fresh information, whether it relates to special offers or news articles this is essential if you want your site to rank highly in the search engines.

You need to leave a good first impression so that visitors return to your site again and again to find what they need and here at Blue Shark Design in Newcastle we can do just that for you.

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