Tips for Making your Re-marketing Ads More Effective

September 19, 2019

A Re-marketing Ad tends to be one created to be shown on Google, and is an essential part of any marketing strategy. However, there are a few ways that these adverts can be made more effective for your business strategy.

As a user of the internet we have all experienced re-marketing, through pop up ads online. It’s said that re-marketing ads have to be shown at least three to seven times before they have any impact. But we all know that these can sometimes be annoying, so they need to grab your attention before that happens!

Here are some ideas to help when building a re-marketing ad campaign!


 The first things that you need to think about, is who is your ad for? And what do you want the visitor to do after seeing your advert, do you want them to buy something or fill out a form?

Instead of focusing your campaign on everyone who has visited your website, you should build lists based on different types of behaviours. Like, your top visited pages, who checked out and who didn’t complete a purchase.

 You can also look into the time that your users spent on your website, and what products effect how long people spend on your website. Taking a look into the products and services that you offer is also very important, and selling the product to your customer in a more effective way. This could help them decide whether they want to use your company.

 Time to Look at your Ads

 When creating your ads, you need to consider sending the right message to your potential customers. You need to make sure that if you have created lists of different customers, that you are designing them with those in mind.

You should always include your company logos, as this means that as soon as the viewer sees the ad, they know who the company behind it is. Another main addition to your advert should be your call to action, this should be clear, so your audience knows how to get in touch with you or find what you’re selling.

Finally, always make sure that your adverts are engaging, and interesting for the viewer! Now, people are used to seeing adverts every day, so it’s our job to give them something new and different to look at!

Important Notes

One thing that customers don’t like is being followed around by an advert, no one wants to see something plenty of times a day. As this can actually have a negative impact on your impressions, as people won’t want to click on your advert and instead get annoyed at your company.

To change this, set up a frequency capping in your campaign settings. This can mean you will get fewer impressions and drive less clicks, but it will help give you better quality visitors. Meaning more people who are interested in actually buying or using your services.

You can also set up your adverts to not be shown on certain websites, which stops your company being associated from sites or content that show harmful content.

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