Tips for Maximising Sales on your eCommerce Website

September 13, 2018

A great way to help optimise sales on your ecommerce website is by using upselling and cross selling techniques. But before you start, it’s helpful that your website is either built using Magento or running it with WordPress and have WooCommerce assist you.

Upselling and cross selling work well together but both do different things. As upselling will guide your customers into considering higher priced items that you offer, and they will leave feeling like they got the best value for their money – great if you want to create a loyal customer base! However, cross selling involves offering customers other items they might need based on what they are about to buy, this helps someone from having to dig through your website to find what they need.

Both of these will help increase your revenue flow without costing you additional money. So, to put it simply, upselling gets customers to spend more money by buying a higher priced product, whereas cross selling gets them to buy more.

Upselling in More Depth

With upselling it helps to know what your customers want and need, as upselling is going to help customers understand what each product or service can do for them. And hopefully, they realise that the more expensive product is actually going to help them more!

By helping the customer see what benefits they get from buying a higher priced product, the customer can then understand that the less expensive item doesn’t have everything they want – the majority are happy to pay for something that fills their wants and needs.

Cross Selling Explained

This often involves showcasing items to a customer looking to make a purchase, as you can show them complementary items. Customers like these functions as they may have been looking for a similar item and it stops them having to look around for it.

By creating an easy experience for your customers, you can show it as something that is helpful and will help you gain more revenue whilst creating a loyal customer base.

Using them Together

While they both do something different, they can both work together to create customer satisfaction while giving you the opportunity for greater revenue with each transaction. Both methods of selling can enhance your customer’s experience, and will help add value to the customers purchase.

Some more Helpful Tips

  • Create incentives that reward customers for spending additional money, like free shipping
  • Create side by side comparisons that show the value of your premium product/service
  • Have your upsell products at a reasonable price, it’s a rule that customers don’t want to spend more than 25% of their budget for any given product
  • Pop ups shouldn’t be pushy or overbearing, just show them the alternatives but give customers the space to decide if they want it
  • Create urgency by letting them know how much is left in stock
  • Get the best ecommerce company to personalise offers based on customer data
  • Using value proposition is key when communicating the risks of not buying the high-end products
  • When showcasing products, try not to give too many options, as this can be overwhelming for the customer

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