Top reasons to use pop ups on e-commerce websites

November 18, 2022

Pop ups are an excellent feature to have on your e-commerce website and for a good many reasons. When done right, pop ups can give your e-commerce website the much-needed boost. A good pop-up can prove to be a win-win: it can help your users in making choices while helping you grow your business.

Whether you want to build an email list, reduce shopping cart abandonment or improve engagement, pop ups can get the job done efficiently.

In this post, we share some of the top reasons our web design experts in Newcastle use pop ups on e-commerce websites.

Grab attention quickly

Pop-ups are unmissable. The moment they pop, visitors are bound to take notice. When you want to grab the attention of your visitors and nudge them gently to your conversion goal, use a pop up.

Build your email list

When you want to grow your email list, there’s no better way than to use pop up sign-up forms. Pop ups are known to be extremely effective for collecting emails. What’s more, as a bonus, pop ups tend to reduce a website’s bounce rate.

Generate urgency

Pop ups are a great option when you want to promote special offers. You can offer visitors special offers or discount codes that appear for a limited time (say 30 minutes), to create urgency and drive them toward making a purchase.

Boost social media following

You can use pop ups to encourage your visitors to engage with your business on social media channels. Whether you are active on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, add a pop up box for your favourite social media channel and increase your social media following.

Get customer feedback

Add a brief form to collect customer feedback in the form of multiple-choice questions that visitors can quickly answer. It can be a single, pointed question about their purchase or chat experience. This can provide valuable insight into how your website is performing.

Answer FAQs

One common reason why prospective customers abandon a cart is when they have a question and they can’t find an answer. If you understand your target audience, strive to point your visitors in the right direction when they have a question. Pop ups can come in handy in these cases. Some examples are:

  • Promotion ends in 3 days
  • Free shipping on all orders placed today
  • The first 50 shoppers receive a gift

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