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News post / September 2, 2011

New look for Google

Over the past few weeks you may have noticed that Google looks slightly different. The look and feel of the leading search engine has changed. Google decided to make such drastic changes to stay ahead of competitors, they have used this opportunity to introduce some new powerful tools such as Google+ which will become increasingly popular in the near future. Google have added a left-hand navigation to all search pages […]


News post / June 10, 2011

Blueshark Design are now on Facebook

We will be using Facebook to connect with people around us and showing screen shots of archived work. Please feel free to post, share links and photos that will interest us! We are interested to hear your opinions on out work and latest news. We found that Facebook has more the 55 million active users, many of who work as professionals that require print and web design. Please “Like” our […]


News post / June 1, 2011

Content for your Web Design

It is very important that the content for your website is the best it can be. Writing solid content for your website is different from writing any other text, getting this right will make people return to the website on a regular basis increasing the popularity of your website. When you write content for your web design it must be written in a specific way because readers are looking for […]


News post / August 13, 2010

We cannot justify justified text

Although justified text is very common in traditional print and newspaper design, we avoid the use of it in web for many reasons. There are 2 big reasons for not using justified text on web pages: the method we read text on a screen and the way Internet browsers (i.e. Firefox and Internet Explorer) handle text justification. Text is more difficult to read on screen than it is in hard […]


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