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News post / November 11, 2021

Signs that you need a new website

Everybody is online now; you might not even be buying online but just checking a business’ website before you go into store. So, it is so important to make sure you have an updated website, as this shows visitors that you are still active, as some visitors will see an ancient website and think your business is closed. But how do you know that your website needs a revamp? Well […]


News post / November 11, 2021

5 Key Tips for a Great Website Navigation

If you are someone that uses the internet often, you will also frequent websites and will have used plenty of website menus in your time. You’ll also understand how frustrating it can be when a menu is confusing and isn’t designed with the users in mind. That’s why as a web designer you need to make sure you design your navigation to be easy to use for visitors, and here […]


News post / October 29, 2021

Why Using Video is Worth it

When you own a website, you understand the importance of having great content, however we often forget the effect of visual marketing. Google’s algorithm looks at long clicks vs short clicks, this is measured by how long a visitor spends on your website. An engaging video can be a great way to keep a visitor’s attention on your website. Business’ that use videos on their website enjoy increased engagement, click-through […]


News post / August 24, 2021

7 Tips to Help Build an Effective Brand Awareness Campaign

Starting your own campaign can seem like a daunting process, however we have gotten together to give you our steps involved with building an effective brand awareness campaign.   Understanding your Audience Before you can start creating anything you need to know who it is that will be looking at your campaign. So first, look at who already buys your products or services, or even those who follow you on […]


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