Is your E-Commerce Site Designed for Customers?

September 26, 2018

We know it costs time and money to improve the design and layout of your e-commerce website, but you are sure to see valuable benefits with effort.

Did you know that 45% of consumers will base the value of your company on how your site looks? If your website doesn’t appeal to people then 38% will just leave. So, regardless of your product or services, if your site isn’t good enough, then you’ll miss out on sales.

Firstly, you’ll want to convey the message you want your company to show to your customers.

It’s all in the Research!

Most of us struggle with critiquing our own website, which is why businesses who are dedicated to growth will seek out web designers. Since website optimisation isn’t luck of the draw, and there is actually a system to getting it done properly, to gain real understand of what’s happening to your site, there are sources that can give you the information.

Traffic insights from your website can be gained from Google Analytics, then once you know where people are leaving and the trends, you can then begin optimisation.

A/B Testing

Once you understand what the problems are on your website, you can work with designers to do A/B testing. Having experts compare design features against one another will help ensure optimisation. The sales funnel and design features will be adjusted time and time again until you can see a change in sales, this is a specific method to improve sales conversions and really imperative part of the process for website optimisation.

Simple is Key!

This means directing customers shopping experience through easy to make choices. By using a lot of white and empty space can help, as white spaces increase your customer’s ability to comprehend what they’re seeing.

Keep in mind that the more decisions the customer has to make, as the more choices they have to make could deter an impulse buyer.

Optimise the Checkout Process

A difficult to use checkout process not only deters customers from buying at that moment, but they may also not come back to your site. It takes a lot of planning and knowing the inside of your customers thought processes and needs, as buttons and fields need to be very clear so the way you word things is essential.

Ensure your Site has Fast Loading Pages

Everybody knows how frustrating it is to be on a website that is slow. If your site is slow, it is likely to get bad customer service. Web designers can help analyse what is causing slow loading pages and what they can do to fix it.

What Colours Work Best

By working together with e-commerce designers to figure out what colours best show your company to the world. Colour says a lot without saying much, as it speaks to people on a subconscious level.


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