5 Key Tips for a Great Website Navigation

November 11, 2021

If you are someone that uses the internet often, you will also frequent websites and will have used plenty of website menus in your time. You’ll also understand how frustrating it can be when a menu is confusing and isn’t designed with the users in mind.

That’s why as a web designer you need to make sure you design your navigation to be easy to use for visitors, and here are our tips for designing a great website navigation.


  1. Put the Logo in a Noticeable Place

Your logo not only represents you on your website but also on social media, marketing, etc. So this may be the factor that shows people that this is your website, and what visitors will remember.

Not only does your logo need to be noticeable, but it also needs to be correctly sized, placed and spaced. Another great practice is to make sure it links through to your home page.


  1. Sticky Header

We’re sure at least once you have been on a website where after you have finished scrolling, you’ve realised you now have to scroll all the way back to the top to reach the menu again. However, this can be fixed with a simple sticky header, where part of the main menu will follow users as they scroll down your page.


  1. Highlight the Current Page

This is only a small change, but can make a big difference to your user’s experience on your website. This means they know straight away which page they’re looking at, and what pages they still need to explore.


  1. Using Icons

Everyone loves using icons, to help make some recognisable without having to take up much space. However, if you are using icons, you want to make sure that you are using ones that everyone associates with.


The more popular ones are a user profile for account settings, shopping bag/cart for the basket and a magnifying glass for the search bar.


  1. Organise your Menu

This is especially important if you have loads of pages, and a large navigation. A mega menu is a great tool if you have numerous levels of pages, but you need to make sure it is organised and made easy to understand for a new user.

A couple of tips for keeping it organised could be to add bolded headers and columns for related pages.


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