Design Trends in 2017

July 12, 2017

The design of your website plays a key role in impressing visitors and delivering a good user experience. So how do you know what design elements are good for your website? How do you choose one design feature over another?

Here’s a look at some interesting design trends for 2017 to help you design a website that meets your visitors’ expectations and helps with conversions.


Custom illustrations give your brand a distinct identity. This is of particular importance as a lot of websites these look very similar. With custom illustrations, you can engage your target audience better. Illustrations are also effective in explaining your products/services or communicating your brand message effectively. They add a dose of fun while clearly communicating your message.


One of the biggest design trends ruling the roost in 2017 is the emphasis on high quality photography. High quality photographs not only impress, they instil credibility in your brand. Credibility is crucial to motivate visitors to take positive action. For best results, design agencies are relying on natural and real photographs that add personality to a website.

Parallax Scrolling

This is a design technology where the foreground elements move at a faster pace than the background image, which creates a lot of depth. Parallax scrolling gives designers an opportunity to come up with creative designs that make a website stunning, engaging and unique.


Asymmetric design is the use of two dissimilar designs to create one final effect. Designed well, an asymmetric design gives a unique look to a website, making it stand out. Asymmetric and out-of-the-box designs are increasingly being used to make a website stand out and thereby evoke visitors’ interest.

No matter the trends, it takes a creative and experienced agency to make them work for you. Our design team dedicate time to research the latest trends and technology to create a bespoke website for each of our clients – get in touch to find out more!

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