Must-Have Elements for a Website Footer

March 31, 2022

A website footer is not only a great source of information for your visitor, but also an important staple of any website. When someone visits your website, they expect to see the usual information at the bottom, and some users will scroll right to the bottom if they are looking for a specific piece of information.

Website footers tend to have very specific design patterns, it is consistent, contains links and tens to act like a closure to your page information.

We’ve pulled together what we think are the must have elements for any website footer!


  1. Include your Logo

Adding your logo into your footer is a great way to tie the whole page together, and it can help the visitor remind them which website they’re on. You can also make it so your logo acts as a link to go back to the homepage, most users are used to this type of hyperlink.

Your footer logo doesn’t necessarily need to be a direct copy, you could instead create some variation that is slightly smaller so it doesn’t take up as much space.


  1. Add a Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action doesn’t need to just be on a specific page, you can also include it onto your footer, whether that is an option to go to your contact page, request a quote or sign up to a newsletter.


  1. The Important Legal Stuff

You may have seen this sort of information on other websites, but it is super important just to confirm the rights your user has. You should make sure you have a link to your privacy policy, if your website is related to gambling for example, you should also include a liability disclaimer. And finally most companies will include a copyright notice to add credibility to the company.


  1. Choosing the Right Links

Some websites may choose to add loads of links in their footer and treat it like a mega menu, however, in our experience we would advise against this. You should only include the links that are useful/important for the user, you don’t want to start confusing your user.

Usually, a good selection of pages to include would be your main service/product page, contact, blog and site map.


  1. Contact Information & Social Media Links

Not only will adding your contact information be beneficial for your users, but it also helps your local SEO. Even though your user might not use them, it forms a sense of trust to see your number, email and address.

If you keep up to date with your social media channels, we recommend adding these, as someone customers may go to this to check whether you are active or if there are any reviews left by other customers. However, if your social media account isn’t active, this could have a negative effect as people may think your business isn’t managed – so we would recommend leaving them out.


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