Signs that you need a new website

November 11, 2021

Everybody is online now; you might not even be buying online but just checking a business’ website before you go into store. So, it is so important to make sure you have an updated website, as this shows visitors that you are still active, as some visitors will see an ancient website and think your business is closed.

But how do you know that your website needs a revamp? Well we’ve designed plenty of websites over the years, and know what to look for – here are just some of our tell-tale signs.


Your website is Slow 

Whether your visitors are viewing your website on their phone or desktop, they won’t wait long for your content to load. As sadly, they’ll just look for a different option. Google, has said that website speed is a ranking for searches on all devices, meaning where you rank on Google will be dependent on your website speed.


Not Mobile Friendly

 If your website isn’t mobile friendly by now, then it is in definite need of an update! If you go onto your website on your mobile and it does re-adjust itself to fit, or the content breaks, your visitors will struggle to understand the content and will potentially go onto another website.

It is so important to ensure that your website is mobile friendly, as now over half of your visitors will most likely be visiting while on their phone.


Your website is ancient

An outdated website may seem nostalgic, but it can actually have a negative. Especially if you are wanting to target a younger audience who will see an outdated website and think you don’t operate anymore.


Bad User Experience  

User experience is critical to any website, a good user experience will move the visitor effortlessly through your website, and help them solve their need.

Most visitors will have an expectation of how a website should work, and if it differs from this, this will confuse the user and make them look elsewhere.


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