Web Design Project Stages

May 6, 2022

It can be quite a daunting experience starting a large scale project, especially completely revamping your existing website or creating a brand new one! Websites are such an important part of every business, as they tell the customer what to expect from your business.


That is why we are here to ease some of them concerns and explain the stages you will face during your web design project with us.


  1. Creating a Brief


This is an important part of any project, and this helps both us and you set clear guidelines on what you want to expect from us. You should think about what you want to gain from working with us carefully. Think about who will be using your website, what the goal is, any key factors that you want to include in your website.


We will ask questions with you to try and find out the information we need to know, so don’t stress about figuring everything out!


  1. Our Answer


After you’ve given us your brief, we will then come back with our answer/pitch, to turn your ideas into reality. This will include prices, timeframe or any additional parts we think would benefit you.


If you have any questions about our pitch, please let us know because we can always tailor it to suit your needs and price range.


  1. A Wireframe


We will then create a wireframe that will show you where the pages of your website will sit. It will show you how it will work from a visitor standpoint, and the user journey.


  1. Designing your Website


Our design team will then spend time designing the visual side of your website, whether they are creating a brand new website, or reworking your existing website. We will of course keep in touch with you every step of the way so you can make tweaks to suit what you want.


  1. Creating your Website


After you are happy with your website design, our development team can then start creating your website. Our team will start to work on the more technical side, making sure your website runs the way it is supposed to.


  1. Thorough Testing


This is a crucial part to website development, we will thoroughly test your website ensuring there are no errors in the running of your website. We don’t just click through every page, we also dive into the code, identifying any weaknesses.


  1. Launching your Website


Once both you and our team are happy with your website, it is time to launch it for all your new website! We aren’t just a website design company, we also work in digital marketing, so we can also help you when it comes to driving traffic to your new website!

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