Why Using Video is Worth it

October 29, 2021

When you own a website, you understand the importance of having great content, however we often forget the effect of visual marketing. Google’s algorithm looks at long clicks vs short clicks, this is measured by how long a visitor spends on your website.

An engaging video can be a great way to keep a visitor’s attention on your website. Business’ that use videos on their website enjoy increased engagement, click-through rates and conversion rates.


Sell your Business

A video is a great way to add personality to your brand, and create a connection with your audience – by creating this connection it can help drive sales, decision making and behaviours.


Stand Out from the Crowd

Utilising video in your website can be a great tool, however most businesses choose not to do this, whether it’s to do with the time it takes to create or even the cost. But it’s said that 90% of internet consumers report that watching a video about a business’s product or service does help them make a decision.

At the moment less than half of businesses utilise video in their marketing, so stand out from the crowd and use this opportunity to real more potential customers in.


Video Testimonials

Your video doesn’t necessarily have to be you selling your product, you could use testimonials and have someone else do it for you. Customer’s will always check reviews before deciding on their purchase. That is why, having real life people talk about your product/services and what it has done for them, can be a great selling tool.


Appealing to Mobile Users

Anyone with a mobile phone will understand how annoying it can be to read a long article on your mobile phone, but also how easy it is to get lost in a video on your phone. Video viewing has grown by 532 percent in the last two years, and 40% of people prefer their information to be visual, it would be a shame to miss out on this audience.


Show More of your Product

Sometimes your product or service may need more than just a photo and some text, sometimes you need a video demonstrating why someone should use your product. This way you are able to answer any consumer questions, and show them all of aspects of it.


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