News post / August 16, 2018

The Importance of Backing Up your Website

Websites are now an important business tool for most companies, and since they are so important they really should be protected in case anything goes wrong. Surveys have found that over 40% of companies don’t make sure that their website is backed up.So, why is it important?It’s Not your Hosts Responsibility to Backup your WebsiteA lot of web hosting companies don’t offer backups as part of their standard hosting packages, […]


News post / August 8, 2018

Mobile Optimised VS Mobile Responsive

The main purpose of a website back in the day was just to deliver their data in an effective manner, they weren’t specifically designed to be visually appealing for computers let alone mobiles. However, now most people use their phones to access the internet as it has massively increased in the last 5 years, and has overtaken desktop access. With this growth of mobile use, it is important to make […]


News post / August 1, 2018

Should I Still have a Website if I have Social Media Accounts?

Social media is a great tool for marketing your business online, however, one topic that we see come up is whether social media is enough, and do you need a website to support your business?Sometimes a company’s budget plays into why they don’t get a website, but here at Blue Shark we still believe that a website is needed for businesses and social media should be used as a part […]


News post / August 1, 2018

Why are 404 Error Pages Important?

Before we get into why 404 error pages are important, we should start with what are they?A 404 page appears when you go to a page that doesn’t exist on a website. It’s probably one of the most common errors you can come across when browsing the internet, this happens when you find a broken link or if you type in a website address or URL that doesn’t exist, or […]


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