Helvetica: Back in style?

November 6, 2010

Although we at Blue Shark Design have always been massive fans of Helvetica for it’s timeless lean style, it seems to have come back into favour for many of the large corporations and some of their recent redesigns.

The Swiss typeface which has been around for over 50 years has been used by such brands as Panasonic, Gap, Orange, Hover, and Royal Bank of Scotland to name but a few.

However in the last year, we have seen a noticeable rise in use with such brands as the BBC.

BBC News and Twitter Redesigns

When BBC News redesigned earlier this year, they decided to use Helvetica Neue as has the new Twitter redesign (being tested in beta as we speak).

Although there is obviously no right or wrong in which font to use, it is nice to see an old font being taught new tricks.

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