Fixed Headers – 2013 Web Trend –

January 11, 2013

With the turn of the year being a mere 10 days ago we are already starting to think about the way the web will look in 2013. There are many trends to think about and look forward to in 2013, over the course of a few months we will bring you the top 20 we think you need to watch out for.

Today we are going to look at the benefits of using Fixed Headers.

I have always been a fan of fixed headers if I am completely honest, for mainly the reasons they are becoming more popular in today’s industry. With the benefit of fixed headers it allows the user to always see the navigation and eliminates their need to scroll back to the top in order to visit another page.

What we need to start to realise is that, not in a negative way, people are impatient and also lazy (myself included) when it comes to the web. We need to make it as easy as possible for the user to access all the relevant information at any given time, this cuts out the need for scrolling and searching for information.

With the luxury of a fixed header, as discussed before, it enhances the users experience while visiting your site.

These are only going to be short posts to bring awareness and opinion of these trends, they are not comprehensive tutorials on how to use them etc.

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