Five Website Design Trends from 2020

August 13, 2020

Now that we’re way over halfway through 2020, even though it might not feel like it due to the Coronavirus! It’s worth thinking about what website design trends have been keeping us busy this year.

Even over the past few years we have seen major changes in the standard of web design, and we’re happy that we have been right in the middle of it!

 So, let’s get started and take a look at the top 5 website design trends for 2020.

Black & White Tones

Colour has always been important when designing a website, especially when it comes to colour theory and the mood and tone it sets. That’s why colour always seems to move with the trends, changing to reflect what is trending at the time.

Many designers believe that black and white is timeless and therefore it’s always in fashion. Either way, black and white has definitely been a popular choice among website designers this year.

Organic Shapes

Recently websites have been leaving the grid behind, which has held web developers back and kept web pages in a structured format.

However, things have changed and now people are playing with smooth, fluid lines that are pulled from organic inspiration. These smooth lines can help add more depth and make elements pop off a page.

Micro Interactions

A micro interaction is when you hover over an element on a website and it makes a small change, it could be a little animation or something you wouldn’t have known was there.

The purpose of this is to surprise the user and create something that is unique and inviting to them. These have been around for a while, but this year we have noticed that they are becoming more sophisticated and less in your face.

Mobile Responsive Websites

In recent years everyone has become aware of how important a website that is responsive on a mobile phone is, but now it’s starting to appear on websites in general.

This means that even on a desktop version of the site, we see some mobile features. Like the ‘burger’ menu which keeps the complete navigation of the website just in a more compact way.


This isn’t really a trend; however it has definitely been getting used a lot more on websites this year.

It’s all about keeping it simple, creating less clutter on a web page, and focusing your website on the important content to not overwhelm your audience.

This option is becoming a go-to choice for a lot of people, while tying it in with the use of white space.

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