Why a FAQs page is just as important as any other page?

March 30, 2020

Anyone who uses the internet will know what a FAQs page is, but not everyone will know why a website should include one. FAQ stands for frequently asked questions, and its sole purpose is to help customers find out more about your company through questions that are often asked – it even saves the company keep answering the same questions over and over again!

 So, here are some reasons to why we think you should have a FAQs page on your website.

Customer Experience

People who own their own website understand the importance of making sure customers are comfortable using your website, and that they can easily pick up how to use it. It should come as to no surprise that having a FAQs page would help your customer experience massively! It’ll give a place on your website where your customers can go to find out something they need to know without having to ask you. It is known that most visitors want to know about your services and products readily available without having to search around for it.

No More Answering Simple Questions

This one is for you and your business; just think about how many times you’ve had people asking that same question and how much time could be saved by not having to answer it. By having a page dedicated to all those questions, you are giving you more time to focus on your business and your customer service.

Trust and Relationships

This is the foundation of building any reliable business, you need people to know they can trust you and your business. No one wants to spend their money if they don’t think they are going to get a great service. Only 20% of your customers will be returning customers, so you need to manage to get the trust from new viewers. FAQs can help this as visitors will appreciate that you have answered questions where everyone can see, showing that you have nothing to hide.

Add Some Personality

We understand that sometimes it can be hard to add some personality into your website, especially if you want to keep it as professional as you can. This is why FAQs can be a great opportunity for you to add some! You don’t have to make this page just information, you can make it as chatty and personal as you would like it to, by making it informal you can be encouraging people to share their experience on your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is such an important part of running any website, especially if you want search engines to be able to find you. But an FAQs page can be the perfect place to try and help your SEO out a little. Keywords play an important part in your SEO plan, and on your FAQ page you can drop those keywords. As long as you keep building on your FAQ page with relevant questions, it can help towards getting you ranking higher.

As you can see an FAQ page is often overlooked but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful! At Blue Shark, we are a web design agency and can help your website with digital marketing. We are perfect for helping your business get off the ground, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us if you have any questions about any of our services!

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